The JETSET is a special podcast that features music from various genres and time frames. Its sole purpose is to expose audiences to the beautiful grooves that exist around the world and over time. So, let's get ready for takeoff. No doubt about it, The JETSET will take you here, there, and everywhere!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

JETSET Exclusive: Lunch Time Quickie

Enjoy this exclusive JETSET mix inspired by the thoughts of such of an encounter. Featuring a narrative by Chandra Kamaria, this mix sets the perfect erotic vibe for a midday lovemaking session.  Hear joints from Anthony David, Zo!, Raheem Devaughn, Aaliyah, and Ledisi just to name a few.  One listener pointed out that there wasn't a NSFW sticker on it, but the photo of the disheveled bed should be an indication of what was on our minds when this mix was created. :-)

So, go on, get a little lovin' during the midday....and go back to work a little late with a smile on your face.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Knowledge Nick Interview

Knowledge Nick Hicks is an emcee based in Memphis TN. Chandra Kamaria with the JETSET Podcast Series connected with Nick to talk with him about Hip Hop, his artistic style and his latest project. Check out the interview and then check out his music! Cop his album, Memphis: The Soul of Hip Hop on Knowledge Nick's Bandcamp page: Background Track produced by Fathom 9

Monday, December 10, 2012

New Mix Flight, Volume 1 & Update

We had some major setbacks with the podcast this year but we are back right before 2013! Here's the first and last mix for 2012...and the re-launch episode for 2013! This mix is called Flight because it's the beginning of a new brand for The JETSET. We will provide more details about that as soon as we can. Meanwhile, get your head bobbing with this dope show!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Love Letters Episode 1 Teaser

Somebody had to do might as well be me. Between all of the foolery with these blogs that are touting a bunch of poison to Black folks about the state of our relationships to the crass behavior of Black women on reality TV shows, there had to be something that will attempt to drive a wedge as well as present another angle to this whole thing.

This is where Love Letters comes in. As I work to take the JETSET Podcast Series (that's why y'all haven't seen any new mixes posted), I wanted to do a show that featured Black women speaking about loving Black men from a positive light. Below is Episode 1 teaser for the first conference call with some sistas with serious insight. The entire episode will be posted by March 11. Special thanks to the women who participated on this call:

Idette Harrison
Tonya Dyson
Trinita Simpson
Ginger Dee
Almetria Turner

If you're a sista interested in participating in one of our Love Letters episodes, contact us at

Monday, December 5, 2011

Tyler Woods: The R&B Sensation

Tyler Woods showed up in my life a couple of years ago. I was minding my own business cruising Youtube and his video for 'Prove Myself' was sitting in the sidebar. The title contained one of the emerging brand names for dopeness, 9th Wonder, so I figured I'd check it out. This young chocolatey brotha with a '70s soul sound lodged in his throat flashed before me, crooning and gesturing towards the camera. Immediately, I fell in love with the song...and him. How could I not? With 9th's exquisite production work & Tyler's velvet sound along with some meaningful lyrics, it was an orgasmic moment for this music snob. The video was cool, too, of course, they could have left off the colorful dancers--they seemed out of place to me. I would have preferred to look at Tyler throughout the vid, but I know I can't get my way all of the time. I recall wondering the cyberworld looking for something to cop and, at the time, there wasn't much other than a couple of videos. But then, a mixtape emerged which satisfied my thirst for a little while but when the Mahogany Experiment dropped, I felt good all over. The Mahogany Experiment is Tyler Woods fullness -- and honestly, that's how I like it so I can get a real feel for him.

So, on that note, the Mahogany Experiment remains one click away from 'Play'. It's a Free-P that dropped on Valentine's Day this year and I copped mine at Okayplayer. He's proclaimed the R&B Sensation and it's befitting, mainly because he's got the voice of a real R&B singer. Remember those? Tyler doesn't sound like some 8th grader with a light falsetto singing about something he doesn't know anything about, but rather, a grown ass man that has had Life to teach him a thing or two. I like that. I love that.

So, yeah, go on and cop that Mahogany Experiment and show this brotha some love. Here's one my favorite joints from the Free-P called 'Be Together'.