The JETSET is a special podcast that features music from various genres and time frames. Its sole purpose is to expose audiences to the beautiful grooves that exist around the world and over time. So, let's get ready for takeoff. No doubt about it, The JETSET will take you here, there, and everywhere!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Expect Big Things for 2011

Welcome to the NEW home for the JetSet Podcast Series. We felt like we needed to expand the site to include more content pertaining to the episodes as well. Since the podcast is now officially apart of the cultural education project of Harkins House Productions, we needed something that will allow us to build a better brand, hence the new domain name. Because we have developed such a great rapport with Podomatic, we just could not leave the site, so our episodes will continue to be done with that service and will be downloaded from the site, but all of you will now come here for the latest episodes.

We are also looking to launch some events that will expose the brand of the JetSet locally, here, in Soulsville USA -- Memphis, TN, while continuing to serve our global audience with those gems from our musical past and present!

So, here's to the New Year! Keep your eyes open for the first episode, which will be posted in a couple of days!