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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Album Review: Esnavi -- Exit E

Ok, let me get this out of the way. If you're really not paying attention at first, you may mistake Esnavi for India.Arie, but as you continue to listen, you will realize that it's not India's sultry alto serenading you, but rather Esnavi's full, rich, and beautiful vocals soaring over a range of musical flavors.

On her debut album, Exit E, Esnavi is showcasing her versatility from the uptempo 'Ding Ding' & 'Oh My!' to the straight ahead acoustic joint 'How Beautiful is He' and the soulful 'Unexpected Love' and 'Electric Fantasy'. From the intro, Esnavi uses the phrase, 'futuristic soul', apparently to describe her signature sound. On the title track, she displays her Hip Hop chops by spitting a little flow letting us know that she's taken us everywhere we wanna go, musically, that is. After spending some time checking out Exit E, I'm fully convinced that she's holding the best hand. For one, the songs on the album were actually crafted; written, arranged, and delivered with her own flair. That's the markers of a true artist.

According to the bio on her website, the Milwaukee native honed her singing & songwriting skills at an early age. Her moniker is actually an acronym for Eclectic, Soulful, Natural, Authentic, Vivacious, & Intriguing. Without a doubt, Esnavi lives up to her name with this solid effort. The standouts on the album are the aforementioned tracks along with 'Morning Dew', even though I cringe every time I hear the adlibs and chorus of the joint tinged with that hideous Auto-Tune. People who KNOW how to sing, like Esnavi, should just leave Auto Tune alone, but then, that's just the music snob in me. I digress.

My all time favorite song on the album is 'Memories'. The song immediately captivates you with its infectious bass line, acoustic guitar & emotional mix of strings along with Esnavi's bleeding heart delivery. It will definitely go over well with female music fans. More than that though, the song has the potential to qualify Esnavi as a mainstream force so, if it was left up to me, I would release this as a single and get a video done ASAP! You know, we're gonna do our part over here so, for all of my JETSET fans, expect to hear 'Memories' on an upcoming show. Meanwhile, all of you reading this should bounce over to Esnavi's website and get to know this young woman....then cop her album. Enjoy the ride on Exit E. I did.

Peace & Blessings.